Born: 1971
Lives and works in London and Southampton

1989-92 BA Hons, Central Saint Martins, London

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Truth Trading, CARTER presents Gallery, London

2015 Potent Proposition, UNION Gallery, London
2014 Single Exit Strategy, CARTER presents Gallery, London
2013 Paraphernalia of an Emotional Clearing, CARTER presents Gallery, London
2011 Starving the Light of Oxygen, CARTER presents Gallery, London
2009 Vestige Condition, CARTER presents Gallery, London
2006 Meaningless Event, Seventeen Gallery, London
2003 Essential Phenomena, VTO Gallery, London
2002 Boutique, The Contemporary Art Society Projects, London
2001 Lavish Conviction, The Chorlton Mill Gallery, Manchester
1999 Coaster, The Centre of Attention Gallery, London
1995 Verdict, Alternative Arts Space, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Fabrications, Furniture Markers’ London
2013 Golden Amnesia, Untitled Gallery, Manchester
2013 Constel·lació, Lluc Fluxa Gallery, Palma de Mallorca
2011 Walls, UNION Gallery, London
2010 Then I Remembered, CARTER presents, London
2010 It was all done in darkness, Rogue Studios, Manchester
2010 Unrealised Potential, Cornerhouse, Manchester
2010 Mortars at Dawn, CARTER presents at Leroy House, London
2009 Paper Rules, Apartment Draschan, Vienna
2009 Uneasy Persuasion, CARTER presents at The University of Hertfordshire Art and Design Gallery
2009 This Was Now: The Russell Herron Collection, Sartorial Gallery, London
2009 Shot In The Dark, CARTER presents at Chateau Radvanov, Czech Republic
2009 Kiss of a Lifetime, Rouge Studio Project Space, Manchester
2009 Sample 09, Exhibit X at the Printspace, London
2008 Dystopia For All, The Wharf Road Project, Carter Presents, London
2008 A Shot In The Arm, CARTER presents Gallery, London
2008 10, CARTER presents at the Printspace, London
2007 THEY, Savage Sculpture Garden Window Gallery, London
2007 The Joy, Nettie Horn Gallery, London
2007 Because The Night, Galeria Luisa Strina Brazil
2007 Republic, L’est London Gallery London
2007 In the End was the Word, Matthew Bown Gallery London
2006 Incidents, Matthew Bown Gallery London
2006 Bergbau / Mining, West Germany projects Berlin Germany
2006 Everything must go, VTO Gallery London
2005 England Their England, Laden Fuer Nichts Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2005 There is no More Butter, Station Gallery, Bristol
2005 Sci-Fi, MOT Gallery, London
2005 Grate Britain, Cell Project Space, London
2004 Birdflut – Plazasuite, Union Gallery, London
2004 Agroa, Transition Gallery, London
2004 Itchy Park, Independent Art Space, London
2003 We Are Not Afraid, VTO Gallery, London
2003 Bootleg, Spitalfields Gallery, London
2003 Priceless, Independent Art Space, Manchester
2002 New Religious Art – To The Glory of God, Liverpool Biennial
2001 Prickly Heat, Comme Ca PR Project Space, Manchester
1999 Mixed Up, the Void, London

Art Fairs
2016 CONTEXT, Art Fair, UNION Galley
2016 START Art Fair (Solo), UNION Gallery
2016 London Art Fair, UNION Gallery
2012 Multiplied Art Fair London, No Show Space
2011 Manchester Contemporary Art Fair, Untitled Gallery
2010 KIAF, Seoul South Korea, CARTER presents Gallery
2007 Zoo Art Fair London Matthew Bown Gallery
2006 VOLTA 02 Basel Union Gallery

Editions | Off Site projects
2012 When Reason Sleeps, No Show Space Gallery, London
2012 To Steal the Last and I trust in cultural co-operation, Untitled Gallery, Manchester
2009 Savage School Window Gallery, Edition Box Set
2007 Happiness cost a penny sweet, Flux Space [Flux Magazine] issue 58
2006 Produce False Promise, Deletia 3 / Cabinet Magazine October issue 24
2003 Untitled [Truth Klan] 360 corp. Prefect Magazine issue 1 Curated by Mathieu Copeland
2003 Untitled [Hamas] 360 corp. Flux Space [Flux Magazine] issue 34
2002 Mecca McDonalds 360 corp. Sexy Machine issue 4
2002 Consumer portraits 360 corp. Fash'N'Riot issue 1
2002 Traffic, Performance of selling counterfeit Tate T-shirts, Millennium Bridge London
2001-2 Cut out and keep, Series of seven reproduction artworks in association with Flux Magazine. Issues 21-26
2001-2 Multiples, ICA and Photographers Gallery bookshop, Hoax and American Retro

Curated Exhibitions
2013 Design by Hand, Showcase Gallery, Southampton Solent University
2013 Second Variable TBC, CARTER presents, London
2012 Sound Proof 5, CARTER presents, London
2011 Memory Flash, CARTER presents, London
2007 Fragile Care, E:vent Gallery London
2005 How Did I Get Here, E:vent Gallery London
2004 Bildflut 'Plazasuite', Union Gallery London
2004 ap 0201, E:vent Gallery London
2004 Location, location, location, Pete Gomes E:vent Gallery London
2003 Winter2 space3, Igloo E:vent Gallery London
2003 Essential Phenomena, VTO Gallery London
2001 Lavish Conviction, Comme Ca PR The Chorlton Mill Gallery Manchester
1998 Behaviour, Independent art space London
1997 What is your Pleasure, Independent art space London

Press and Coverage
2011 Art Monthly, WALLS, Issue 346 May by Peter Suchin
2010 Frieze Online, Unrealised Potential by Omar Kholeif. 23|08|10
2010 Art Review, Unrealised Potential by Benjamin Tallis, issue 44
2006 The Jackdaw, Art Bollocks August
2005 The Metro, 12th January
2004 Contemporary, ‘NanoScopic Culture’, issue 66
2004 Blue Print, ‘NanoScopic Culture’, issue 219
2002 Dazed & Confused, issue 93
2002 Flux Magazine, issue 32
2002 Flash Art, ‘A New Breed of Product’, Jan/Feb issue
2001 Dazed and Confused, 'Exhibit A' issue 80 Sept
2001 The Metro, Sept 17
2001 Flux Magazine, Issue 20 Aug/Sept
1999 Space, The Guardian, October

Charles Saatchi Collection, London
Nicolas Logsdail / Lisson Gallery, London
University of the Arts London
Private collections